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Born on March 14th, 1992 in Vienna, Austria into a creative and openminded background, Sarah Stiedl soon developed her passion for music, art and design. After attending highschool with the emphasis on music she started her architectural studies at the Technical University of Vienna. 


Focusing on the fields of art and building history such as built heritage conservation during her master studies she acquired skills in dealing with existing buildings as to evaluate their importance in the art-historical background. Showing qualities of the already existing building stock and revaluating it through the right interventions, Sarah sees as one of the main tasks in contamporary architecture according to sustainability. Therefore, going into detail, choosing the right materials and finishings should be considered as important as the appropriate utilization concepts.


Besides that, Sarah could also improve her skills in graphic design as to draw up an architecural project from the first concepts to the final presentation of the work. With many areas of interest she could also gain first experiences in corporate design.


Thinking outside of the box and with the aim to work interdisciplinary, Sarah is always open to work with other passionate people on creative projects.


Feel free to download my CV (german)

Find my whole master thesis here

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